09/24 – The Emotional Effects of Social Media on Kids

Host: Catholic Diocese – Nashville


11/07 Parenting the Anxious Child 

Host: Ensworth School – Nashville, TN


01/25 – Addressing Social and Emotional Issues of Gifted Students

Host: Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District – Houston, TX

04/07 – Grief in Children – How it’s Portrayed in Novels and Beyond

Host: Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

09/06 – Tools for Helping Gifted Students in the Classroom

Host: Metropolitan Public Schools – Nashville, TN

11/12 – The Gifted Student: Why Anxiety is Present and How to Channel It

Host: Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District – Houston, TX


01/18 – Tools for Helping Anxious Kids

Host: Woodmont Christian Church – Nashville, TN

01/24The Connection Between Intelligence and Anxiety

Host: Gifted Association of Missouri – Jefferson City, MO

02/05 Techniques in Working With Anxious Children

Host: St. Louis Counselor Association – St. Louis, MO

02/28 – 03/01 – Working with Anxious Students in the Classroom

Host: California Association for the Gifted – Palm Springs, CA

04/16 – 04/17 – Smart Kids and Anxiety

Host: Grand Prairie Elementary School for the Gifted – Grand Prairie, TX

11/10 – Transgender Teens: What They Want and Need from Schools

Host: St. Andrew’s Sewanee School – Sewanee, TN

12/02 – 12/05 – What Smart Kids Know

Host: Texas Gifted Association – San Antonio, TX


02/15Special Considerations in Working with Gifted Students

Host: Center for Gifted Students, Western Kentucky University

04/11Why Smart Kids Worry

Host: Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselor Association (TLPCA) – Nashville, TN 

07/18 -07/20 – Anxiety in Gifted Students  

Host: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) – San Jose, CA

09/25 Techniques in Working with Anxious Children

Host: Independent School Counselor Association (ISCA) – Franklin Road Academy

11/06-11/07Parenting a Gifted/Anxious Child                                                                                              Teaching Gifted Students Who Worry

Debilitated to Empowered – A Presentation for Students

Host: Rhoades School, Encinitas, CA

12/03 – 12/05Empowering Parents to Empower Their Kids

Host: Texas Gifted Association – Fort Worth, TX


10/11 – Nashville Psychotherapy Institute

10/29 – Currey Ingram Academy, Nashville, TN

11/01 – Sybill’s, St. James, MO

11/02  – Rolla Books, Rolla, MO

11/03 – 11/05/13 – Missouri School Counselors Association



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